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Motion graphic and images, specialized in Automation Logistics


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Motion graphic and images:

Together with our customers, we develop a clear understanding of their technologies and concentrate on delivering highly satisfying animated and graphic material. It is this material that can help emphasize our customer’s capabilities and technologies and provides realistic insight into operations and processes or simply illustrates their products and services in an artistic way.

Specialized in Logistics Automation:

In the business of Logistics Automation it is essential to have the capability of delivering detailed animations and image material of technologies and logistics solutions to your customers. Being linked to significant investment, it is an obvious advantage being able to provide your customers with a better understanding of a product or a system by using motion graphic design.

These virtual animations and images deliver deep insight into technical processes and allow you to develop concepts and solutions together with your customers in real time. By animating picking processes or storage devices and demonstrating the material flow within warehouses you turn highly complex operations into comprehendible and enjoyable graphic motions.

It facilitates the understanding of such logistics systems by using visual aid. Our 3D animations allow our customers to literately get in touch with their visions before they have physically been built.

Service in detail

  • 3D Motion Graphic animations
  •  High resolution 3D Images
  •  Videos in “helicopter” perspective
  • Animations of processes and warehouse material flow
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Fields (industries)

  • Automation Logistics
  • Warehouse Logistics
  • Civil Engineering
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3D Animation

MxLogCon – 3D Animation

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